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Ready to Fish

For the next catch of a lifetime.

*Sold*Oak & Walnut Resident Net

Designed for days of fully immersing yourself wet wading in backcountry streams, and for the lakes that produce big numbers of beautiful, scrappy resident fish.

Made with North American Oak and Walnut, equipped with a clear rubber net bag, and finished with multiple coats of epoxy.

$150 Cad + shipping

tylerbartfai(at) to order

*Sold*Oak & Walnut Optimist Net

I have a certain affinity towards lakes and the big fish that haunt them. This is what the Optimist net was designed for. For cold days when you are not after numbers, but size, and cant help but be optimistic despite the challenges ahead.

Made with: Oak, walnut, and Iroko. Fitted with a high quality clear soft rubber net bag. Finished with multiple coats of marine varnish for superior durability and UV protection.

$250 Cad + shipping

tylerbartfai(at) to order

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